Mushroom Spinach Carrot Leek Risotto

Mushroom Spinach Carrot Leek Risotto

Mushroom Spinach Carrot Leek Risotto is a vegetarian variation of the popular Italian risotto. Arborio rice is cooked slowly with carrot, mushroom, leek and garlic . Vegetable stock is added in parts in the rice and vegetable mixture and cooked till creamy stirring in between. Spinach is added at the end with the seasonings. This … Read more

Vegetarian Enchiladas

Vegetarian Enchiladas is a baked dish made with corn tortilla rolled in a filling made with beans and vegetables and covered in a tomato based sauce. Cheese is sprinkled on the top to make it cheesy. Every bite of enchilada is balanced and fragrant with fresh herbs, roasted cumin powder, paprika , beans and vegetables … Read more

Chickpea, pumpkin, feta salad

Chickpea pumpkin fetta salad

Chickpea, pumpkin, feta salad is a very refreshing salad balanced with the goodness of chickpea, roasted pumpkin, fresh spinach, tomato. Pistachio and walnuts add crunch to the salad and crumbled feta cheese enhances the taste of the salad. The dressing has olive oil, lemon juice with a touch of garlic, mixed herbs and paprika. It … Read more

Quinoa veggie and corn salad

Quinoa Veggie And Corn salad

Quinoa Veggie and corn salad is a very simple, easy and nutritious one meal dish made using cooked quinoa, boiled sweet corn, veggies, grapes, and nuts. It is packed with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It is gluten-free and Vegan