Veggie Loaded Low Carbs Pasta

Veggie Loaded Low Carbs Pasta is a perfect one meal dish ready quickly and loaded with colourful veggies – onion, colored bell peppers, eggplant , spinach , sundried tomato, kalamata olives. It is easy to make and the combination of all the ingredients enhances the makes the low carbs pasta taste delicious!!. The pasta can … Read more

Mixed Bhajiya / Fritters

Mixed Bhajiya / Fritters

Mixed Bhajiya / Fritters is a popular Indian deep fried snack made by deep frying slices of potatoes, onions, spinach leaves or any vegetables of your choice dipped in the the batter made of chick pea flour. The slices are cooked evenly in the oil till they puff up and cook well from inside. The … Read more

Chickpea, pumpkin, feta salad

Chickpea pumpkin fetta salad

Chickpea, pumpkin, feta salad is a very refreshing salad balanced with the goodness of chickpea, roasted pumpkin, fresh spinach, tomato. Pistachio and walnuts add crunch to the salad and crumbled feta cheese enhances the taste of the salad. The dressing has olive oil, lemon juice with a touch of garlic, mixed herbs and paprika. It … Read more

Feta Pesto Veggie Delight Pizza

A pizza which is topped with fresh basil pesto instead of tomato based sauce and topped with fresh cherry tomatoes, mushroom, spinach and feta cheese.