Vegetable Laksa

Vegetable Laksa

Vegetable Laksa is a vegetarian variation of the popular South East Asian Laska . The curry made with freshly ground paste, spices , lemon grass, fresh herbs and coconut milk with a hint of garam masala is served on the bed of noodles, vegetables and tofu. It is a complete one meal dish, vegan, gluten … Read more

Edible Diwali Diyas With Dried Nuts And Fruits


Edible Diwali Diyas With Dried Nuts And Fruits is a quick and easy option to be served as a healthy snack to your guest by decorating the serving plate with cashew nuts, almonds , raisins and pepitas. The shape of cashew nut and half anjeer when placed horizontally in a plate makes diya and the … Read more

Methi Malai Mutter

Methi Malai Matar (Fenugreek And Peas Curry With Cream)

A mildy spiced, creamy , north indian dish made from fenugreeek leaves and green peas and Indian spices.