Baked Palak Paneer Samosa

Baked Palak Paneer Samosa

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Baked Palak Paneer Samosa is a nonfried variation of samosa¬†dish made with an outer covering made with spinach and stuffed with spicy paneer (cottage cheese) filling. It is baked and a perfect treat for people avoiding the deep fried food. Click for the for¬† regular baked samosa below: Baked …

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Baked Samosa

Baked samosa

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Samosa is the most popular street food in India. But do you know the history of samosa? This popular snack did not belong to India and it was not invented in India. It traveled to India from Central Asia centuries ago. Various recipes of this dish could be found …

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