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Quick Vegetable Rice Pulao

Quick Vegetable Rice Pulao

Add to My Recipes Quick Vegetable Rice Pulao is a very healthy, mildly spiced, simple, quick and easy to cook dish cooked in pressure cooker. It is a one pot dish and can be cooked quickly for a quick lunch or dinner. It can be enjoyed with yogurt, Gujarati kadhi, papad and salad. The pulao …

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Homemade Vegetable Supreme Pizza

Homemade Vegetable Supreme Pizza

Add to My Recipes Homemade Vegetable Supreme Pizza is a classic pizza made using pizza base made at home using all purpose flour (maida) and semolina (sooji). A generous amount of homemade pizza sauce is spread and is topped with fresh vegetables – capsicum, onion, tomato, corn,  and olives. It is eggless. It is a …

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Spinach Feta Gozleme

Spinach Feta Gozleme

Add to My Recipes Spinach Feta Gozleme is a veg variant of Gozleme (stuffed Turkish flatbread) where a thin sheet of unleavened dough made of flour, salt and water is rolled and filled with toppings made of spinach, and feta cheese. This is then cooked on a griddle with oil or butter and served. It …

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Avocado Sushi

Avocado Sushi

Add to My Recipes   “Sushi” is a popular dish from Japanese Cuisine. It is made by wrapping the vinegared rice in Nori sheet with a filling made from either vegetable, tofu, fish, seafood or chicken and made into a roll.  The roll is then cut into pieces along with soya sauce, wasabi or pickled …

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Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce

Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce

Add to My Recipes   Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce is a vegetarian sauce made  by substituting minced meat with soy granules. It can be enjoyed by making spaghetti bolognese or vegetable lasagne. Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce is a vegetarian sauce made  by substituting minced meat with soy granules. It can be enjoyed by making spaghetti bolognese or …

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Soya Veg Masala

Soya veg masala

Add to My Recipes   Soya veg masala is a simple and easy dish made with soya chunks, vegetables and regular spices. The dish is a good source of protein for vegetarian, vegan or non meat eater. It can be served with roti, paratha or rice. It is good option for lunch boxes or a …

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Mushroom Veg Masala

Mushroom veg masala

Add to My Recipes     Mushroom Veg Masala is a very simple curry made with mushroom, veggies and regular spices. It is  quick and easy to make and does not need any pre-preparation. It is vegan and glutenfree. It can be enjoyed with roti, paratha or rice. It is a simple and quick recipes …

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Kantola Nu Shaak

Kantola Nu Shaak

Add to My Recipes   Kantola Nu Shaak is a stir fry dish made with Kantola (Teasel gourd or spiny gourd) along with onions, and spices. It is dry veg dish and goes well with Dal, Rice, Roti. It also goes well with thepla, bhakri or rotla. It is vegan. Skip adding asafoetida to make …

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Paneer In Mushroom Curry

Paneer In Mushroom curry

Add to My Recipes   Paneer In Mushroom Curry is a dish where paneer and other vegetables are cooked in mushroom sauce along with Indian spices. The gravy is rich and creamy and has a nice flavor of mushroom. The curry goes well with roti, tandoori roti, naan, paratha or jeera rice. My son loves …

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Sarson Da Saag

Sarson da saag

Add to My Recipes Sarson da saag is a curry made using fresh mustard greens along with other greens such as spinach, fenugreek leaves, bathua leaves, or kale. The curry is flavored with a tempering made with ghee, onions, ginger, garlic and green chili. It is made specially during winters and served with makki ki …

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