Hare Chane Aur Palak Ke Sheekh Kebab (Green gram and Spinach kebab)


Kebab is an Arabic word. It is a dish in which small pieces of meat is cooked on skewers along with some cut vegetables like onion, tomatoes, bell peppers etc. These are then cooked on a grill or a barbeque. Sheekh Kebab is a dish where usually  a mixture of minced meat (usually lamb) , garlic, chilli, some spices is thinly wrapped around the skewers and is grilled in a tandoor. The kebabs are crisp from outside and soft, moist, and juicy from inside. But now many variations of kebabs are made . They are made from different types of meat, seafood and also vegetables. These are popular during winter . They can be prepared in advance for any barbeque party and then can be cooked on a barbeque outside during the party. It can become a group activity in a party. They need to be cooked on a slow heat so that the spices taste well and mix with the mixture.


Today I am sharing with you my version of sheekh kebab and it is made of green winter vegetables. It is full of flavors and contains fresh winter vegetables such as green gram, spinach, fenugreek, fresh green garlic, mint and coriander. I have added paneer to it which really gives it a very smooth and melting-in-the-mouth effect.

With some pre-preparations done, these kebabs can rock the party. They are popular at my home and among friends too.

I generally do the pre-prepartion steps such as blanching and making spinanch paste; grinding the gram; boiling the green grams and making paste of it; washing and cutting finely all the other greens such as green galic, fenugreek leaves,mint and coriander.

This makes the process much simpler. They go well with any chutney, soup or salad.

Give it a sure try and your family will be in love with them. These Kebabs are diabetic friendly with all the fresh greens put in it and very rich in fibre and iron. they are best for growing kids too.


Hare Chane Aur Palak Ke Sheekh Kebab

These kebabs are diabetic friendly with goodness of all the green vegetables such as green gram, spinach, fenugreek, mint leaves , green garlic, cottage cheese. Also it is a good source of iron, proteins, calcium and vitamins. They are very good for pregnant ladies and growing children. They are made with traditional spices. These kebabs can be fried but I have roasted them on tava or a flat pan with little oil. They give the barbeque effect.
Course Snack
Cuisine Indian
Keyword diabeticfriendly, healthy, iron, kebab, kids, nonfried, paneer, spinach
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Servings 15 kebabs



  • Take a bowl. Put the roasted gram powder, grated cottage cheese, green gram and spinach paste. (here i have grinded the green grams with spinach puree).
  • Add all the dry masalas to it.
  • Add all the fresh chopped green veggies (fenugreek, coriander, mint and green garlic) and kasuri methi (dry methi leaves).
  • Mix them well.
  • Apply a bit of oil on palm and take a small portion of the mixture in your hands and try to wrap thinly around the skewer.
  • This way (as in the photo):
  • Make the others in the same way. I have made some on candy sticks too because kids love that. They can be made in advance this way and kept in the fridge. just cling wrap them.
  • Heat a non stick flat pan. Place the kebabs on it with the skewers and apply very little oil and cook them on a medium to low flame till golded and crisp.
  • Sprinkle some chaat masala and tandoori masala on it and serve with green chutney, ketchup, beetroot and vegetable soup. I have served it with the coriander tomato chutney. Its recipe is listed in chutney and dip section.

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