Chickpea, pumpkin, feta salad

Chickpea pumpkin fetta salad

Chickpea, pumpkin, feta salad is a very refreshing salad balanced with the goodness of chickpea, roasted pumpkin, fresh spinach, tomato. Pistachio and walnuts add crunch to the salad and crumbled feta cheese enhances the taste of the salad. The dressing has olive oil, lemon juice with a touch of garlic, mixed herbs and paprika. It … Read more

Chickpea Burger

Chickpea burger

Chickpea burger is the sandwich made by placing patty made from chickpea between two slices of burger buns. The french onion creamy dip and ketchup enhances the flavors of the burger. Fresh veggies such as lettuce, cucumber, onion, tomato, capsicum are placed in between the slices of bun to add crunch to the burger.

Chhole Tikki /Chickpea Patties

Chhole Tikki /Chickpea Patties

Chhole Tikki /Chickpea Patties are made with chickpea, potato and breadcrumbs and can be served as an appetizer with mint yogurt dip, mint chutney or ketchup. It can be used in making Indian chaats such as tikki chat, ragda pattice. You can sandwich it between bread and salad.