crepe and pancake

Methi Na Pudla/Fenugreek Crepe

Methi Na Pudla/Fenugreek Crepe

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) This is my mother in law’s recipe and I love it. The ‘methi na puddla’ is irresistible. This is a very simple, quick and easy to make dish. It uses fresh green fenugreek leaves and is full of flavor.  The batter is made using whole wheat flour, gram flour, …

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Sabudana Thalipeeth/ Sago pancake

Sabudana Thalipeeth/ Sago pancake

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Sabudana thalipeeth is a dish made during fast/upwaas/vraat. It is very delicious and is made using soaked sabudana, potato, crushed peanuts, cumin seeds and ginger green chilies. It is cooked by applying ghee or butter till it is golden and crisp. It uses fewer spices but is yet full …

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Corn and Spinach Panki

Corn and spinach panki

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Panki- It is a type of pancake, where the batter is cooked by putting it between banana or corn leaves. In Gujarati, “pan” means ‘leaf”. So the name panki (made on leaf). It is a traditional non-fried snack made in Gujarat. Usually, panki is made from rice flour batter.  The …

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