Less Oil Potato Bhajiya/ Pan fried Potato Fritters

Less Oil Potato Bhajiya/ Pan fried Potato Fritters

  Less Oil Potato Bhajiya/ Pan fried Potato Fritters are a very healthy snack made in few minutes. The potato slices coated with chickpea flour batter is pan fried with a little oil instead of deep frying it. It taste same as the regular bhajiyas and can be enjoyed guilt free any time with a … Read more

Leftover Khichdi Muthia / Steamed Dumpling

Leftover Khichdi Muthia / Steamed Dumplings

  Leftover Khichdi Muthia / Steamed Dumpling is a very healthy, delicious, easy dish made from the leftover khichdi. Flour and spices are added to leftover khichdi and binded together to make logs. The logs are then steamed and cooked. A tempering of mustard seeds, sesame seeds and curry leaves is made and the muthia … Read more

Vegetables Vermicelli Upma

Vegetables Vermicelli Upma

Vegetables Vermicelli Upma also known as Seviyaan Upma is a popular South Indian Breakfast made with noodles made with wheat, semolina or rice. It is a very quick, easy, delicious recipe and is light on stomach. It can be cooked with or without vegetables. It is also a very healthy option for breakfast, lunch, lunch … Read more

Tomato Saar/ Spiced Tomato Soup

Tomato Saar/ Spiced Tomato Soup

  My mother (Rekha Ramolia) is Maharashtrian and hence I have grown up relishing the Maharashtrian delicacies made by her. I love the tomato saar that she makes. She serves it with masale bhaat or pulao. It is sweet, tangy and spiced with green chili and ginger. The tempering made by heating ghee and frying … Read more

Dudhi Batata Nu Shaak/Bottlegourd Potato Curry/Lauki Aloo Ki Sabji

Dhudhi batata nu Shaak/bottlegourd curry/lauki aloo sabji

Dhudhi batata nu Shaak/bottle gourd curry/lauki aloo sabji is a regular curry made in Indian houses. It is served with roti, dal, rice, and salad to make a complete meal. It is very quick and easy to make dish and light on the stomach. It does not use any garlic or onion. This recipe has the … Read more

Carrot Raita

Carrot raita

Raita is an accompaniment to the main dish and is made by combining yogurt/curd/dahi with vegetables, fruits, nuts or gram flour balls (boondi).  The vegetables used are either raw or cooked. The raita can be made using cucumber, bottle gourd, beetroot, tomato, onion, carrot, grapes, pineapple, guava, pomegranate, spinach or pumpkin. Spices such as salt, pepper,  … Read more

Batata Ni Sukhi Bhaji (Indian Style Stir Fried Boiled Potatoes)

Batata Ni Sukhi Bhaji

  It is a popular gujarati cuisine recipe and is mostly made during the community lunch or dinner gathering ( nath nu jamanwar) or during marriages. It goes well with puri or thepla or dhebras. It is an easy-to-make recipe and hence people also make it for their journeys. As the name says it is made from … Read more