Dal Dhokli / Spicy Wheat Flour Sheets In Lentil Curry

Dal Dhokli / Spicy Wheat Flour Sheets In Lentil Curry

  Dal Dhokli / Spicy Wheat Flour Sheets In Lentil Curry is a delicious dish made using in houses in Gujarat by cooking spicy wheat flour sheets in the left over Gujarati dal.  It is enjoyed piping hot with a dollop of ghee on it. It is a complete one meal dish with a balance … Read more

Sarson Da Saag

Sarson da saag

Sarson da saag is a curry made using fresh mustard greens along with other greens such as spinach, fenugreek leaves, bathua leaves, or kale. The curry is flavored with a tempering made with ghee, onions, ginger, garlic and green chili. It is made specially during winters and served with makki ki roti (cornmeal flatbread). It … Read more

Paneer In Capsicum Curry

Paneer in capsicum curry

    Paneer in capsicum curry is rich gravy made with tomato, onions, capsicum and cashew nuts. It does not use any cream or butter for cooking. The cashew nuts gives a creamy texture and rich taste to the gravy. You can swap paneer with tofu/ mixed vegetables/granules/mushroom to make it vegan. It is gluten … Read more

Basic Makhani Gravy

Basic makhani gravy

  Basic makhani gravy is a a silky, buttery, creamy tomato based gravy and is commonly used in many veg and non veg recipes such as Paneer Makhani, Chicken Makhani, Vegetable in makhani gravy, mushroom in makhani gravy, Makhani Kofta, Makhani pizza.  It can be prepared in huge quantities and freezed for further use in … Read more

Vegetables in hot sauce

Vegetables in hot sauce

Vegetables in hot sauce is a spicy curry made with tomato, garlic, red chili powder and mixed boiled vegetables.  It goes good with mild rice and also is a good sauce to serve on the hot Lebanese sizzlers. I have served it with Bean and spinach rice and it tasted very delicious. It is gluten-free … Read more

Dudhi Chana Nu Shaak/Lauki Chana Dal ki Subji/ Bottlegourd Gram Curry

Dudhi Chana Nu Shaak/Lauki Chana Dal ki Subji/ Bottlegourd Gram Curry

Dudhi Chana Nu Shaak/Lauki Chana Dal ki Subji/ Bottlegourd Gram Curry is a curry made as a regular everyday meal (roz ka khana) in Gujarati  household. It is a delicious, protein-rich and vegan curry made by cooking Dudhi (bottle gourd) and chana dal (split gram) along with spices. Serve it with roti, bhakri, rotla or thepla for a … Read more

Saag Paneer

Saag paneer

Saag paneer is a very popular dish prepared in the houses of North India. “Saag” refers to fresh green leafy vegetables such as spinach, mustard leaves (sarson), bathua leaves, amaranth leaves, fenugreek leaves. It is also prepared using a combination of these different green leafy vegetables. Paneer or potato is added to the cooked green … Read more

Dudhi Batata Nu Shaak/Bottlegourd Potato Curry/Lauki Aloo Ki Sabji

Dhudhi batata nu Shaak/bottlegourd curry/lauki aloo sabji

Dhudhi batata nu Shaak/bottle gourd curry/lauki aloo sabji is a regular curry made in Indian houses. It is served with roti, dal, rice, and salad to make a complete meal. It is very quick and easy to make dish and light on the stomach. It does not use any garlic or onion. This recipe has the … Read more

Dum Aloo

Dum aloo

Dum Aloo is a very popular traditional dish from the state of Kashmir. It is popular throughout India and is found on the menu card of many restaurants. It is made from small baby potatoes that are cooked an deep fried. These fried potatoes are them cooked in the tomato, onion based gravy on low … Read more

Ringan Batata Nu Shaak/Brinjal Potato Curry/Eggplant Potato Curry

Ringan Batata Nu Shaak/Brinjal Potato Curry

    Ringan Batata Nu Shaak is a curry made with eggplant/aubergine/brinjal and potato. It is flavored with groundnut/peanut powder, desiccated coconut, and spices such as red chili powder, coriander-cumin powder, garam masala and turmeric powder. The added sugar gives sweetness to the dish and balances the flavor of eggplant. It is a regular dish … Read more

Gujarati Kadhi

Gujarati kadhi

Gujarati Kadhi is a dish made with chickpea flour (besan) and yogurt(dahi). It has a balance of sour and sweet taste and is also a little spicy. Kadhi is prepared in various regions of India. The taste and method of making differ from place to place. We have Punjabi Kadhi, Maharashtrian kadhi, Kathiyawadi kadhi, and … Read more