Eggless Healthy Beetroot Muffins

Eggless healthy beetroot muffins

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) I love making healthy, eating healthy and encouraging everyone to eat and cook healthy. Nowadays my son hates eating beetroot in salads. So then instead of forcing him to eat the beetroot, I thought of making muffins out of it. He was thrilled and happy and enjoyed eating the muffins and …

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Strawberry Pomegranate Juice

Strawberry pomegranate juice

Add to My Recipes (see Menu)   Fresh fruit juices are always good to have. They are very easy to make and contain more nutrients than packed juices. They do not contain any preservative and hence are very healthy. This is the recipe for strawberry pomegranate juice. Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamins C and …

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Palak Aloo Paneer Rolls Wraps

Palak Aloo Paneer Rolls Wraps

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Wraps are made with a big roti /tortilla as a base. They are then filled with patty, rolls, shredded salad and some sauces. I had made Aloo paneer rolls and palak parathas earlier. I generally have coriander pesto refrigerated in my kitchen. I had shared the recipe for making …

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Baked Samosa

Baked samosa

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Samosa is the most popular street food in India. But do you know the history of samosa? This popular snack did not belong to India and it was not invented in India. It traveled to India from Central Asia centuries ago. Various recipes of this dish could be found …

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Whole Wheat Cream Scones

Wholewheat cream scones

Add to My Recipes (see Menu)   I heard of “Scones” when I came to Sydney. They are a single serve dish, similar to bread or cake, but not made with yeast and are less sweet. They are very quick to make and are made with flour, fat and leavening agents. They are then placed …

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Palak Dhebhra / Spinach Flatbread

Palak Dhebra / Spinach flatbread

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Dhebras are a traditional Gujarati dish. There are different types of dhebras such as methi dhebra, dhoodhi (bottlegourd) dhebra, dhana (coriander) dhebra, palak (spinach) dhebra. These are made from different vegetables. They can be also made using different flours like jowar (white millet) flour, bajra (pearl millet ) flour, …

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Avocado Coriander Paratha

Avocado coriander paratha

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Avocado Coriander Paratha is the Indian flatbread made by kneading whole wheat flour and avocado pulp together along with coriander and spices. It comes out very soft and requires less oil. It is perfect for breakfast or kids lunch box. You can try making variations in paratha by adding …

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Idli With Idli Rava

Idli With Idli Rava

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Idli is a very healthy traditional South Indian breakfast. It is now popular everywhere in India and also outside India. Idli is a soft, steamed savory rice cake. It is made by steaming the fermented batter made by grinding soaked rice and split black gram. The batter can be …

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Strawberry Blueberry Milkshake

Strawberry Blueberry Milkshake

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) I love blueberries. I like to use fresh blueberries until they are available. Blueberry and strawberry taste very delicious together and this milkshake uses both. Milkshakes are very quick to make and are very healthy. You can make them with the fruit of your choice. Some fruits are sour …

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Masala Milk

Masala Milk

Add to My Recipes (see Menu)   Masala Milk is a very healthy beverage made by boiling the milk along with powdered nuts mixture, saffron, and cardamom. If you like you can also add nutmeg. It is good to have it hot in winter and cold in summer. Masala milk is very often made in …

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Sabudana Thalipeeth/ Sago pancake

Sabudana Thalipeeth/ Sago pancake

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Sabudana thalipeeth is a dish made during fast/upwaas/vraat. It is very delicious and is made using soaked sabudana, potato, crushed peanuts, cumin seeds and ginger green chilies. It is cooked by applying ghee or butter till it is golden and crisp. It uses fewer spices but is yet full …

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Sooji Paniyaram

Sooji Paniyaram

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Paniyaram is a South Indian breakfast or snack recipe. It is known as Kuzhi Paniyaram in Tamil, Paddu in Kannada, Gunta Ponganalu in Telugu. I had it first at a restaurant serving authentic South Indian Food in Baroda, Gujarat. I had masala Paniyaram at that time and fell in love …

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Eggless Blueberry Muffins

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) We are currently getting very good blueberries in Sydney. Blueberries are small purple colored sweet fruit. It can be eaten fresh. It is also processed and is available as a frozen fruit throughout the year. We can make different dishes such as juice, jam, ice cream, cake, smoothie, milkshake, …

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Sooji Sheera

Sooji Sheera

Add to My Recipes (see Menu)   Sooji Sheera is a traditional sweet which is very easy and quick to make. It does not require any advance preparations. When you have sudden guests coming for lunch or dinner, Sooji sheera is the wonderful dessert which can be made quickly to please your guests. You can …

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