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Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Pumpkin Soup is a thick and creamy soup. Pumpkin is rich in antioxidants. The soup is quick and easy to make. It is gluten-free and vegan.  You can make the soup in big batches and freeze into small containers and enjoy it warm for a comfort weeknight meal with a …

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Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Juice

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Pomegranate Juice is a refreshing juice made from fresh pomegranate. It is easy to make and can be prepared under 10 minutes. It is gluten-free and Vegan. It is a good source of energy to the body, especially during fasting (upwaas). Enjoy this fresh and sugarfree homemade juice for …

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Broccoli Leek Potato Soup

Broccoli Leek Potato Soup

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Our family enjoys trying out different types of soups. I had earlier mentioned in my other soup recipe (“Mix vegetable soup with beetroot“) about the differently colored soups made with various veggies. The Broccoli leek potato soup falls in the category of green soup – made by using green …

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Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry smoothie

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Be it for breakfast or for an after-school snack for my son, I love making a smoothie. Smoothie is an ideal, quick and healthy breakfast. It is a thick drink made by blending different fruits, vegetables or nuts with a dairy product such as yogurt, ice-cream or milk. Many …

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Mango Shake

Mango shake

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) The king of fruits “Mango” is loved by everyone. It is enjoyed in summer. Many dishes can be made with this king of fruits. Dishes such as Ice cream, pudding, cake, salad, juice, milkshake, custard, pie and more. I am sharing with you all  the recipe for Mango Milkshake …

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Kiwi Juice

Kiwi juice

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Kiwi is the national fruit of New Zealand. It was first found in China. It was known as Yang tao then. Missionaries brought the kiwi fruit to New Zealand only in the early 20th century. It gained such popularity in the country that it started being cultivated commercially and was …

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Carrot Raita

Carrot raita

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Raita is an accompaniment to the main dish and is made by combining yogurt/curd/dahi with vegetables, fruits, nuts or gram flour balls (boondi).  The vegetables used are either raw or cooked. The raita can be made using cucumber, bottle gourd, beetroot, tomato, onion, carrot, grapes, pineapple, guava, pomegranate, spinach or …

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Strawberry Pomegranate Juice

Strawberry pomegranate juice

Add to My Recipes (see Menu)   Fresh fruit juices are always good to have. They are very easy to make and contain more nutrients than packed juices. They do not contain any preservative and hence are very healthy. This is the recipe for strawberry pomegranate juice. Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamins C and …

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Baked Sweet Potato Nachos

Baked sweetpotato nachos

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Sweet Potatoes are a great source of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, C, and potassium. They have a great taste, are starchy and can be enjoyed baked, roasted, grilled, steamed or fried. Sweet potato also tastes good in the traditional curries. Click below for other recipes that …

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Quinoa Veggie And Corn Salad

Quinoa Veggie And Corn salad

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Quinoa has been in demand in recent years. So, then, what is this “Quinoa”? Quinoa is a protein-packed grain and is the best alternative to starchy grains such as wheat and rice. It looks like a small bead similar to other millets or couscous. Quinoa is also a good …

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Plum Juice

Plum Juice

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) Plum is a very nutritious fruit.  It is a good source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Ripe plums are sweet to taste. Plums can be black, red, orange or green in color. Plums can be eaten fresh. They can also be used in making jams, juices, wines, cakes or …

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Chawal Roti (Rice Flatbread)

Chawal Roti /Chokha na Rotla/Rice flatbread

Add to My Recipes (see Menu) I have loved chawal ki roti since childhood. I was brought up in Vapi, which is in South Gujarat (India). There people make this chawal roti. They call it as “Chokha no rotlo”. It is generally served with different spicy curries or different lentil dal, Vaal ni dal or …

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