Baked Cauliflower Ricotta bites

Baked cauliflower Ricotta Bites

Baked cauliflower Ricotta Bites is super healthy, low calorie, calcium rich , gluten free, zero oil recipe made with few ingredients . The sesame seeds ,rich in calcium, coated outside the soft cauliflower ricotta flattened balls , helps to firm and hold the shape and also gives nice taste and crunch. The baked cauliflower ricotta … Read more

Eggless Wholewheat Spinach Bread

Eggless Wholewheat Spinach Bread is a made healthy and nutritious by adding spinach puree to the the bread dough while kneading. The bread gets a beautiful green colour and additions of oats to the top makes the bread slices look more attractive and healthy. The bread is super soft, moist and is perfect to eat … Read more

Khatta Dhokla Using Idli Rava

Khatta Dhokla Using Idli Rava

Khatta Dhokla Using Idli Rava is soft and sour steamed dhokla made using idli rava (cream of rice) and different lentils (toor dal – pigeon pea, chana dal -bengal gram, urad dal – black gram). The idli rava and different lentils are soaked, ground into a batter, fermented and then steamed. Sour yogurt is added … Read more